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1840 hours

of sunshine per annum

240 kWh

modular energy source

3 years

payback period



Independent system

Flexible cooperation opportunitiesThe system is capable of storing large amounts of energy excess generated until demand emerges again. Cheaply produced energy can be stored and discharged as required. In this way, the electricity consumer could even become completely independent of the network. Our system is controlled by our own software, which can also be linked to a remote monitoring system.

Industrial energy storage system

with a capacity from 240 kWh up to 100 MWh
Industrial-scale energy storage system that can be attached to any electrical network with the possibility of full software control.

Guaranteed quality

TÜV-tested, high-quality
energy storage

Peregium Green energy storage equipment meet the highest standards:

Thoroughly tested batteries
Electronics that meet stringent standards
Extendable warranty – according to your individual needs
Gentle charge and discharge cycles controlled by our proprietary software