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2. Do you employ a dedicated energy expert at you facility?
3. Do you make reports on the company's annual energy consumption and define improvement guidelines and measures to be taken based on the report results?
4. Do you use energy from renewable sources to support the energy needs of production/other activities of your company? What percentage of your energy consumption comes from renewable sources?
5. What type of energy source(s) do you use at your company to:
a. perform each and every activity listed below?
Natural gas
Heat pump
6. Does your business have renewable energy source(s) available?
7. Typical working hours:
a. 1 shift-schedule is in place (day shift)
8. Please specify your current electricity consumption data in detail:
9. Do you keep record of accurate measurement data on your electricity consumption?
17. Please specify your current natual gas consumption data in detail:
18. Do you keep records of measurement data on the use of natural gas in your facility?
21. Does your company own any machinery for handling and moving material?
22. Does your business have electric vehicles? How many?
23. If you already own any kind of energy storage equipment, please describe its technical parameters below:
24. Does you company plan to purchase any energy storage equipment in the near future? If yes, when is the investment due?
25. If you are planning to purchase energy storage equipment, what are your most important requirements concerning the energy storage equipment to be installed:
f. No requirements have been defined, I shall seek advice from experts.
26. What are the features you expect the energy storage equipment to have?

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