What do we offer?

We offer industrial-scale energy storage systems

with a capacity from 240 kWh up to 100 MWh
Industrial-scale energy storage equipment that can be adapted to any electrical network with the possibility of full software management.

Unique HUNGARIAN development – production – service


Advantages of the system

Our 240kWh modular units can be grouped together in order to allow deployment and configuration of multi MWh storage units be built into one system.


from 240 kWh capacity up to 100 MWh

Modular storage solution with full scale software management

Our uniquely and flexibly configurable and modular storage solutions offer numerous opportunities.

Independent system

Flexible cooperation possibilities

The system is capable of storing large amounts of energy excess generated until demand emerges again. Cheaply produced energy can be stored and discharged as required. In this way, the electricity consumer could even become completely independent of the network. Our system is controlled by our own software, which can also be linked to a remote monitoring system.

A completely CO₂ neutral operation might as well be achievable.


All-round supervision

on multiple platforms

The sytem is under full control of the software developed by us. The computer system controls:

  • the charge/discharge cycles of batteries;
  • the optimal use of the entire system.

It can be connected to its own energy management software, thus the statistical evaluation and the remote security intervention can be monitored remotely. Furthemore our software provides absolute flexibility in all areas.

Windows, Android, IOS compatibility

Unique configuration possibilities

Our storage systems offer unique solutions.

After a thorough consultation our experts will draw up the most adequate offer possible to match your needs.

  • our equipment can be established indoors or outdoors
  • it can be extended and expanded on demand to match your needs
  • it can be upgraded by adding extra security functions
  • has extendable warranty for secure operation purposes



„To save money and to look after our environment at the same time is an enormous challenge, however there is no other way to spare our world.”

Utilization of batteries utterly reinvented


Utilization of batteries utterly reinvented

Peregium Green energy storage equipment meet the highest standards:

  • Thoroughly tested batteries
  • Electronics that meet stringent standards
  • Gentle charge and dicharge cycles controlled by our self-developed software for lifetime extension

TÜV-tested, high-quality energy storage

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