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Global energy crisis

Energy prices are skyrocketing. Who can tell when it will end?

The market is almost unpredictable with a high number of new regulations and restrictions coming into effect almost one after the other. Having more and more wind and solar power plants cannot resolve this matter completely as their efficiency depends heavily on the weather and the time of day.

Even if there was enough solar and wind power available, the electricity they generate causes uneven load on energy networks, which is not preferable by any means. This is due to the fact that the events of generating energy and discharging it on demand occur in different time periods around-the-clock.



hours of sunshine per annum

22,8 %

sunlight coverage

Nature gives us the energy. We only need to use it wisely.

Currently, only 7.7% of Europe’s energy production comes from solar farms and 15.5% from wind turbines.

Although energy coming from renewable energy parks has increased by 37.1% in 5 years, most of these installations are unable to store energy.

We cannot become independent of oil and gas, the price levels of which are highly sensitive to global market trends.


Changing regulatory environment

Do you have an industry-scale energy production system or are you planning to build one?

Compliance with automatic command FFR control capability is mandatory (the MAVIR controlling the system can automatically disconnect the generating unit at times of downregulation.) The unit is required to participate in the market of balancing regulation service.

The regulation in regards to the producers (and storage asset owners) connected to the grid having to mandatorily possess balancing enegy regulation capabilities, or the weather-dependent power plants having to provide a step-down system capacity corresponding to at least 30% of the installed power (energy storage) has temporarily been put on hold. However, for the moment it is unknown how long it will remain so and when aforesaid decree will take effect again.

Produce your own energy for quasi free and use it upon demand.

Your energy, your value

We offer energy storage equipment for you to be able to:

  • efficiently and safely store the electricity generated under favourable conditions;
  • discharge stored energy upon your demand;
  • comply with all regulations but be independent of market conditions as much possible at the same time;
  • have the sufficient amount of energy on hand in case of any emergency;
  • trade your energy excess – within a potential energy community or on the market depending on your local legislation environment – at any time appropriate with the highest profits possible.

Efficient storage – Environmentally conscious approach – Maximum utilization